Welcome to Planet Sport

Welcome to Planet Sport!all the sports on planet earth

Planet Sport aims to provide a resource to visitors looking for information on all sorts of sports. As the name suggests, links to sites on sports from all over the plant are involved but we mustn't forget the local sporting interests - eg AFL and NRL Rugby and boxing. So if you're looking for info on amateur cricket clubs or professional sporting legends such as the Socceroos, please browse our site to find out more

This website is aimed to bring you a brief overview of all the sports on planet earth, Aussie sports, football soccer rugby league
We will update this site with news, views, novated lease videos and ideas as they come to hand. Check back often for regular updates or visit this link....

A '''sport''' is an activity requiring physical ability, physical fitness or physical skill which usually, but not always, involves competition between two or more people.

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